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getting the most out of your FreeStyle Libre system.


The FreeStyle Podcast Series

The FreeStyle podcasts from Abbott discuss real experiences from those living with diabetes or caring for a loved one with diabetes. Find out more about the challenges they face, and provide inspiration for living your best life.



Our webinars are designed to help you get the most out of your FreeStyle Libre system.


FreeStyle Academy

'Bite-sized' educational modules to help you get the most out of the FreeStyle Libre system.


Triangle Diabetes Care

Find out about the three corners of the Triangle of Diabetes Care that helps towards better diabetes management. 

The FreeStyle Academy

The Academy modules include:


Learn about Trend Arrows

Through these educational modules, expect to learn in-depth knowledge about how to better manage your diabetes.

In this module, learn about trend arrows and how they work in the FreeStyle Libre system.


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App showing Trend Arrow Simulated data for illustrative purposes only. Not real patient or data.

Join the Educational Module of 'Super Steady and Friends'

This page provides fun and educational resources to help keep your child familiar with managing their diabetes. The educational resources are all free and updated on a regular basis, so check back frequently for the next adventure.



Super Steady and Friends

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