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Female power! Managing diabetes as a woman for International Women's Day #BeBoldForChange

Be bold for change

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is #BeBoldForChange and it’s a chance for women to take action, tackling issues women face all over the world. Diabetes research has shown that, on average, women with Type 1 diabetes can have it harder than men, owing to a higher risk of death from complications such as heart disease.[1]

At Abbott we firmly believe that diabetes shouldn’t hold you back. In fact, we know from the diabetes blogging community that managing the condition is a chance to make friends and join an active online community of support. Our message for International Women’s Day is simple: don’t let the potential complications of diabetes hold you back from what you want to achieve in life.

For example, blogger Melanie Stephenson, has been living with Type 1 diabetes for 14 years. After being diagnosed with diabetes, she decided to take control of her life and take up athletics. She is now an international level athlete, and although she has had her ups and downs, Melanie has always pushed forward and achieved her goals.[2]  

Lindsay, who had only ever run a 5K before, decided to challenge herself and sign up the Birmingham half marathon. Despite her struggles with diabetes, she finally got into a routine and with the help of the FreeStyle Libre system and pump therapy, she could take control of her diabetes and completed her first half marathon in the incredible time of 2hrs 15.[3]

Another inspiring story is Jane, who is an avid skier. Having diabetes can be tricky and combining it with an activity such as skiing can make it even tougher, but this has never put her off. Jane has been on 12 skiing holidays to date and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.[4]

It’s the attitude towards diabetes that makes a difference, and equally important is how it is managed. The FreeStyle Libre system helps empower people to manage their diabetes through data insight[5]. All you have to do is apply a FreeStyle Libre sensor to the back of your upper arm, scan the sensor with the FreeStyle Libre Reader and then get the reading; we call this Flash Glucose Monitoring.

These inspiring stories prove that you can push through any hurdles that may come your way. We would love to hear your stories about managing diabetes, especially what you’ve achieved since your diagnosis. To let us know, become a fan of our Facebook page and leave a comment.




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Image courtesy: https://www.internationalwomensday.com/Resources


Latest FreeStyle news, announcements and thoughts for people taking a proactive approach to managing their diabetes



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