Time in Range

What is Time in Range?

Time in Range is the percentage of readings and time per day a person spends within target glucose range.
The FreeStyle Libre system automatically calculates the percentage of time your patient spends in, above, or below target range. 

This Time In Target report shows a person who spent 75% of their day in target glucose range

Time in Range Glucose Graph

The new International consensus sets clear targets for Time in Ranges1,2

Recommended Time In Ranges for all T1D, T2D, non-pregnant adults regardless of insulin therapy.2

Recommended Time in Range

Why is Time in Range Important?

Every 10% increase in Time In Range can lower HbA1c by 0.8%3

Time In Range increase

Every extra hour in range has a positive impact on your patients’ glucose control2

Spending more Time In Range can reduce long-termhealth complications4

Easily visualise Time in Range and set clear targets for your patients

HbA1c has limitations

HbA1c reflects average glucose over the last 2-3 months; it does not show glycaemic excursions of hyper- and hypoglycaemia

An increase in Time In Range results in a decrease in A1c

Estimate of A1c for a given Time In Range level based on T1D and T2D studies.3


HbA1c Chart

Easily visualise Time In Range for your patients

You and your patients can get Time In (Target) Range and AGP on the LibreView reports,
FreeStyle Libre Reader and FreeStyle LibreLink app.



LibreView AGP Report

With the new AGP Report you can:


See Time In Target guidelines and an overview of patient glucose data


Quickly assess your patients’ Time In Ranges


Identify trends and patterns at a glance


Identify specific times of deviation with the Daily Glucose Profiles

“The importance of Time In Range module” on the FreeStyle Libre academy will allow you to better understand how a standard target glucose range can be used with each patient to set individual targets for Time in Range and how this can lead to improved glycaemic health and wellbeing.



Download our Time In Range training presentation on the FreeStyle Portal. This presentation contains information to allow you to train your peers on the use of the FreeStyle Libre system and the importance of Time In Range.



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