Report Overview
FreeStyle Auto-Assist presents five easy-to-read reports

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1. Snapshot

1. Snapshot

The Snapshot Report provides a data summary for a specified data range, including up to six notes relating to important blood glucose trends.

How To Use FreeStyle Auto-Assist Software

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Create a Report

Step 1 A

Once the software has installed, you arrive on the MENU page.

Create Reports for this meter

a) Select or create reports. By default, all reports are selected. Check the reports that you want to create.

b) Choose the time period you want to show data for.

If you want your report to take into account the last two weeks, select: last 2 weeks.

c) Click View on the screen.

The report appears on the screen automatically.
Select other reports created using your cursor.

FreeStyle Auto-Assist Online Guide

This online
guide introduces the FreeStyle Auto-Assist Software
– The One-For-All Solution. You will get to know the data management software FreeStyle
Auto-Assist, become familiar
with the key features and benefits the software provides and
you’ll learn to interpret
the reports it creates.

Launch Online Guide
FreeStyle Auto-Assist Online Guide

Upgrade Software

If you have already used
FreeStyle Auto-Assist, then upgrade to the new version for compatibility with FreeStyle Optium, FreeStyle Freedom Lite and FreeStyle Lite.
Operating Systems supported: Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7; Mac OS Snow Leopard and Lion.

Download Software
Upgrade Software

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